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Are you a not-for-profit football club or voluntary group that is looking for funding for pitch maintenance equipment?

The Football Foundation has generously offered a Grass Pitch Maintenance Machinery & Equipment grant, covering up to 75% of the machinery’s cost.

Who is eligible?

At the time of writing this article, the group applying must offer Grass Roots football as an integral part of their club. According to the Football Foundation website, the eligibility criteria are as follows;

  • A not-for-profit football club
  • a local authority (additional terms apply)
  • a County FA
  • A Professional Club or community organisation
  • A Professional Club Community Organisation
  • An educational establishment providing facilities for the community
  • A registered charity
  • A not-for-profit company
  • A community interest company (CIC) or other social enterprise
  • A company limited by guarantee


About the Football Club Machinery Grant

For the most up-to-date details on the grant, please visit the Football Foundation website listed here. The Iron & Earth team has assisted clubs around the UK in securing their football pitch equipment. However, as we do not have a direct relationship with the Football Foundation, the club must complete the application as per the grant information. The typical process usually involves the following 7 steps:

  1. Completing a PitchPower inspection report
  2. Receive multiple quotes from different suppliers based on the PitchPower recommendations.
  3. Applying for the grant
  4. Paying the club’s share of the final invoice
  5. Receiving funds from the FA
  6. Paying the final balance of the machine
  7. Our team delivers the equipment to your club for free and spends time with you showing how to use the equipment.


What is the usual equipment required for Football Pitch Maintenance?

Historically, with previous football clubs we have assisted, the recommended equipment usually includes a Tractor on Turf Tyres, a Finishing mower, and a Pitch Groomer. We can supply all these items at a budget level while retaining premium equipment quality.


Solis H26 on Turf TyresThe tractor we suggest for pitch maintenance.

The tractor we recommend for football pitch maintenance is the Solis H26 HST. This 26hp tractor is equipped with wide turf tyres, a Mitsubishi diesel engine with 26hp, and a 3-point linkage with rear PTO. The HST features a simple-to-use 2-pedal hydrostatic transmission, allowing for easy operation by multiple operators: one pedal for driving forward and the other for reversing. With its electro-hydraulic independent PTO, it ensures ease of use for anyone. Additionally, it boasts a Premium Open Operator station with suspended seats, guaranteeing comfort for those tasked with mowing the pitch.






Img 854 Medium 1.jpg - Iron & Earth Equipment LtdWhich mower for football pitch maintenance?

Paired perfectly with the Solis H26 is the Winton WFM150 Finishing mower. With an excellent price point but quality and reliable product, the Winton WFM150 is the mower of choice for most football clubs. The mower is height adjustable using the 4 guide wheels on each corner. We can also replace the rear two guide wheels with a roller if required.






Img 1021 Medium 3 - Iron & Earth Equipment LtdWhat about the turf groomer?

Football Pitch quality can be dramatically improved with the use of a Multi Turf Groomer. We recommend the SCH Turf groomer as the machine of choice for football clubs. With the budget price point but top-end quality, the SCH groomer makes short work of your pitch maintenance. The Groomer contains a slitter roller to aerate the soil and increase drainage, followed by a de-thatching rake to ensure thatch is removed, then a brush to neaten and clean the surface, finally the rear roller to harden the surface and give those all desired stripes. The rear tools can be lifted or lowered to only have the required tools in contact with the turf at any one point.






How much does the pitch maintenance equipment cost?

The Iron & Earth team has put together the package listed above as the ideal package for local football pitches that are budget-conscious. We understand the struggles that local clubs face from a budgeting point of view, so we have ensured to find the right equipment at the right price. We also offer free delivery and installation of the equipment to your club. We can offer the above equipment for the following pricing:

Solis H26 HST Tractor – £10,795
Winton WFM150 Mower – £1,178
SCH Turf Groomer – £2,495

Total Price – £14,468 + VAT

Assuming that your club is eligible for the above equipment and has the grant funding of 75%, this means the total that your club would pay is £3,617 + VAT.


Looking for more information on the football foundation pitch machinery grant or the equipment mentioned?

Get in touch with the Iron & Earth team or visit the Football Foundation website.

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Please note that we are not in partnership with the Football Foundation. The information provided in this article is accurate as of the writing date and is subject to change without prior notice. The Football Foundation grant mentioned herein may be updated at any point. For the latest and most accurate information regarding the Football Foundation grant for grass pitch maintenance machinery and equipment, we recommend contacting the Football Foundation directly or visiting the following link: Football Foundation Grant Information.



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