How to choose the best tyre for a Solis Compact Tractor?

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Let’s talk about your Solis tyres!

Did you know that when it comes to our New Solis Compact Tractors, the choice is entirely yours? That’s right! At Iron and Earth, we don’t charge extra for tyre changes on our Solis S20, Solis S26, and Solis H26 Compact Tractors. Even better, we keep our tractors stocked with all the tyre options so you can see them in person. The decision is in your hands.

One of the most common questions we receive at Iron and Earth is, “What’s the best tyre for my Solis compact tractor?” To provide you with the most accurate answer, we need to delve deeper into what you intend to do with the tractor. Since we don’t have that information here, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide on the various tyre options available, allowing you to make an informed choice. If you ever need more information or guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is always ready to assist you in selecting the perfect tyres for your new Solis tractor.

The Solis 26hp tractors come with 5 different types of tyres, these are, Agricultural Tyres, Wide Agricultural Tyres, Industrial Tyres, Galaxy Pro Tyres and Turf Tyres. Now i understand this can be a daunting task to choose which one suits you. Ill now dive into the different types of treads so you can make an informed decision when it comes to your new Solis Tractor.


Don’t have time to read it all? That’s no worries, in summary we can tell you

Mainly using a front loader or need an excellent all-round tyre? Opt for the Industrial tyre when you buy your Solis Tractor.

Working on predominately lawns or playing fields? Opt for the Turf tyre when you buy your Solis Tractor.

Need good grip, with low ground impact? Opt for the Galaxy Pro when you buy your Solis Tractor.

Need the best grip of the bunch? Opt for the Wide Ag Tyre when you buy your Solis Tractor.

Need the best grip of the bunch but don’t wont to compromise your width? Opt for the Narrow Ag Tyre when you buy your Solis Tractor.


Now if your still with us lets break each tyre down even further to help you decide.


Industrial Tyre - Iron & Earth Equipment LtdThe Industrial Tyre

The standard tyre most compact tractor dealers will opt to stock and the most commonly asked for tread pattern. This is because they are the best all round tyre for a compact tractor. Industrial tyres are built to withstand longer wear and provide excellent puncture protection, they incorporate a wider ground area and shallower voids than an agricultural tyre, the result of this being a greater load bearing surface for loader work while retaining excellent grip.

If you don’t have a specific requirement or just need an all-round excellent tyre, then the Industrial tyre is for you.





Galaxy Pro Tyre - Iron & Earth Equipment Ltd

The Galaxy Pro Tyre

The Galaxy Pro tyre is a radial tyre developed specifically for small tractors that are to be used in Gardening, Orchards, and Vineyards. They provide a narrower tyre than the Industrial or the turf tyre meaning if space is tight in your area then they will give an added bonus of your Solis tractor being a narrower overall width. They also contain a directional block tread pattern that is nearly 50% larger than a typical turf tyre. This given you excellent floatation and excellent grip in softer ground. With a low rolling resistance they will also provide the best fuel economy for your Solis tractor.

If your predominantly using your tractor for softer ground within vineyards and require a narrower overall width then the Galaxy Pro is for you, Its a tyre with more grip and comfort than the industrial and the turf, however, still less grip than the Agricultural alternatives.





Turf Tyre - Iron & Earth Equipment Ltd

The Turf Tyre

The turf tyre, As it says on the tin is developed to reduce impact on sensitive grass areas including Lawns, playing fields, golf courses and gardens. The turf tyre contains shallow button style tread and a wider floatation footprint, thus reducing the ground pressure and ground damage that tyres could potentially cause. As the widest and softest tyre of the set they also usually provide the most operator comfort.

If your predominantly using your tractor on lush green lawns, playing fields or golf courses then the Turf Tyre is for you. Turf tyres have the lowest grip level of all tyre options, however they do cause the least ground pressure and ground damage when it comes to your lawn.




Screenshot 2023 11 07 162042 - Iron & Earth Equipment Ltd

The Agri Tyre – Wide or Narrow

The agricultural tyre option, whether wide or narrow, for a Solis tractor is the go-to choice for those grip demanding tasks. Agricultural tyres contain a wide and open lug pattern and deeper tread voids, thus providing excellent self cleaning features and excellent grip. You will get the the best grip from your Solis Tractor using the agricultural tyre, however, as a downside you will also cause the most ground disturbance. The Agricultural tyre can be opted in a wide or narrow design, with the wider tyre giving slightly reduced ground pressure while maintaining the extra grip. The narrower tyre however, is usually opted for in woodlands to reduce the tractors maximum overall width.

If you need your Solis in areas where grip is of upmost importance then the Agricultural tyre is for you. If you could potentially be using your machine on grassed areas then potentially the Galaxy Pro is the tyre of choice as it has excellent grip capabilities with a lower ground impact.




What do we recommend? Well that depends on what you need, our highly experienced team at Iron and Earth can help you choose, Just give us a call on 01452 452 535 and we can walk you through the best option for the tasks at hand.

For more help you can email and our friendly team will help.

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