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Premium Hydrostatic 26hp Compact Tractor

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Solis S26 Shuttle XL Frequently Asked Questions
What is covered in the Solis 5 year warranty?

Gain peace of mind with the Solis H26 HST 5-Year Warranty, designed to ensure your investment is protected. Here's what you get:

• Complete coverage for every aspect of your Solis H26 during the first 12 months.
• For the next 4 years, rest easy with an engine and powertrain warranty covering crucial components like the engine, transmission, rear and front axle, 4WD and differentials.

For a thorough rundown of warranty coverage, get in touch with our helpful team. We're here to equip you with the knowledge you need to safeguard your Solis H26 investment with confidence.

What is the Solis H26 HST Loader Lifting capacity?

The Solis 3200H has a brochure capacity of up to 430kg* at the bucket's pivot pins. When extending the reach to 500mm beyond the pivot pins, the capacity slightly reduces to 400kg. Safety is our top priority here at Iron and Earth. That's why we strongly advise a lifting capacity between 300 to 350kg.

*See Solis World for details

What attachments fit on the Solis H26 HST Compact Tractor?

Enhance the capabilities of your Solis H26 HST compact tractor with a diverse selection of compatible attachments designed to meet specific requirements. Some popular choices include:

- Winton WCF125 and WCF145 Flail Mowers
- Winton WTM140 Topper Mower
- Winton WFM150 Finishing Mower
- Winton WTL15 1.5t Tipping Trailer
- Winton WWC 5" Wood Chipper
- Winton WRP1 Ripper & Pipe Layer

And this is just the beginning – there's a wide array of additional attachments available to cater to your needs and complement your new Solis H26 HST. At Iron and Earth, our skilled team specializes in integrating various attachments with the Solis Compact Tractor series, ensuring you have the appropriate tools for any task. Explore the possibilities today.

What tyres can I have on the Solis H26 HST?

The Solis H26 offers a range of five distinct tire options tailored to different needs and conditions:

Agricultural Tyres: These tires feature a deep lug design, ideal for enhancing performance in soft soil and challenging muddy terrains. Available in both narrow and wide agricultural styles.

Turf Tyres: Designed with less aggressive treads to minimize ground disturbance, these tires are perfect for maintaining a clean and undisturbed environment while ensuring efficient operation.

Industrial Tyres: Engineered for durability and puncture resistance, industrial tires have a wider tread compared to agricultural tires and deeper lugs compared to turf tires. They excel in rough terrains and applications where punctures are more likely, providing superior protection and longevity.

Galaxy Pro Tyres: The Galaxy Pro tire is a radial tire specifically developed for small tractors used in gardening, orchards, and vineyards.

What engine is in the H26 HST?

The specifications of the Solis H26 HST Engine are as below

• 26hp Mitsubishi Naturally Aspirated
• 1319cc 3 Cylinder Diesel.
• 2500 RPM Rated Speed.
• 76.3 N.m Torque
• Dry Air Filter with Clogging Sensor
• Downdraft Exhaust System
• 12v/ 65ah Battery

What are the dimensions of the Solis H26?

The Solis H26 base machine dimensions are as below. Please note with other attachments and implements including a loader or tyre selection, these will change.

• 1235kg Total Weight
• 1570mm Wheel Base
• 2895mm Total Length
• 2325mm Height to ROPS
• 240mm Minimum Ground Clearance
• 1215mm Min Width, 1360mm Max width
• 21.03 KMPH Max Forward Speed

What is he difference between the H26 HST and the S26 Shuttle?

Both the S26 Shuttle and the H26 HST share a similar design, featuring a premium operator station equipped with a suspended seat. However, they differ notably in their transmission and PTO mechanisms.

The S26 Shuttle is equipped with a non-independent single clutch PTO, where the PTO drive is linked to the machine's drive clutch. In contrast, the H26 HST utilizes an electro-hydraulic clutch to engage the PTO, activated via a switch on the dashboard, and remains engaged once activated.

Another key distinction lies in their transmissions: the S26 Shuttle employs a manual transmission with 9 forward and 9 reverse gears, controlled by a mechanical (clutched) forward/reverse shuttle. Meanwhile, the H26 HST features a full 2-pedal hydrostatic drive system for seamless operation.

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