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Solis S20 Frequently Asked Questions
What is covered in the 5 year warranty?

Experience Peace of Mind with Solis 5-Year Warranty

With the Solis 5-year warranty, you get a comprehensive 1+4 warranty package. Here's how it works:

• During the initial 12 months, every aspect of your equipment is fully covered.
• Over the subsequent 4 years, you'll enjoy the security of an engine and powertrain warranty, which includes critical components such as the engine, transmission, rear and front axle, as well as differentials.

For a detailed list of warranty coverage, don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly team. We're here to ensure you have all the information you need to confidently protect your investment.

What is the 3200s Loader Lifting capacity?

The Solis 3200s is equipped with a robust lifting capacity, reaching up to 430kg at the pivot pins on the bucket. If you extend the reach to 500mm beyond the pivot pins, the capacity experiences a slight reduction, settling at 400kg. However, at Iron and Earth, safety always takes precedence. For this reason, we strongly emphasize and advise a lifting capacity ranging from 300 to 350kg, especially when using it in tandem with the S20 Compact Tractor.

What attachments fit on the Solis S20 Compact Tractor?

Your new Solis S20 compact tractor opens up a world of possibilities, depending on your specific needs and goals. There is an extensive array of attachments available that can perfectly complement the Solis S20, including:

Popular Attachments:
• Winton WCF105 Flail Mower
• Winton WTM110 Topper Mower
• Winton WFM120 Finishing Mower
• Winton WTL15 1.5t Tipping Trailer
• Winton WWC 5" Wood Chipper
• Winton WRP1 Ripper & Pipe Layer

While this list covers some of the most commonly used attachments, it's important to note that there's a wide variety of additional options to explore. At Iron and Earth, our team has experience fitting numerous attachments to the Solis S20 Compact Tractor, ensuring you can find the perfect tools to meet your specific requirements.

What tyres can i have on the Solis S20?

The Solis S20 Manual offers a selection of three distinct tire choices, catering to various needs and conditions:

• Agricultural Tyres: These tires feature a deep lug design, ideally suited for optimizing performance in soft soil and challenging muddy terrains. The Ag Tyre sizes are "6×12" on the front and "8.3x20" on the rear.

• Turf Tyres: Designed with less aggressive treads that minimize ground disturbance, these tires are a perfect match for maintaining a clean and unspoiled environment while still ensuring efficient operation. The size of the Turf tyres are "23×8.50-12" on the front and "33×15.50-16.5" on the rear.

• Industrial Tyres: Engineered for durability and puncture resistance, industrial tires come with a wider tread compared to agricultural tires and deeper lugs compared to turf tires. They excel in rough terrains and applications where punctures are more likely to occur, providing superior protection and longevity. The size of the Industrial tyres are "23×8.50-12" on the front and "33×15.50-16.5" on the rear.

What are the S20 engine specifications?

The specifications of the Engine are as below

• 20hp Mitsubishi Naturally Aspirated
• 3 Cylinder Diesel.
• 2700 RPM Rated Speed
• Dry Air Filter with Clogging Sensor
• Downdraft Exhaust System
• 12v/ 65ah Battery

What are the dimensions of the Solis S20?

The Solis S20 base machine dimensions are as below. Please not with other attachments and implements including a loader, these will change.

• 935kg Total Weight
• 1420mm Wheel Base
• 2735mm Total Length
• 1945mm Height to ROPS
• 200mm Minimum Ground Clearance
• 1180mm Max Width, 930mm Min Width

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