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Iron & Earth Equipment Limited are delighted to become Solis Tractor dealers specialising in compact tractors.

Stocking a range of versatile tractors and attachments to cater for all your land management requirements. Whether you have a small holding, equine interests or an involvement in countryside stewardship, speak to us at Iron & Earth Equipment Limited.

We have a wealth of experience gained first hand and will be able to supply you with the right machine for the task at the right price.

Check out the range of Solis Tractors  we have ready to buy here at Iron & Earth Equipment Ltd;

About Solis Tractors | Iron & Earth Equipment Limited

You may be forgiven if you are not yet familiar with the Solis brand, however it is certain that will all change. Manufactured in a new plant in India, Solis are the sixth biggest tractor manufacturer in the world having sold over 1 million units globally.

A high tech production line coupled to high spec components result in a quality machine sold at an incredible price point. With links to the renowned Yanmar brand, with engines supplied by Mitsubishi, Bosch fuel and electric systems, LUK clutch’s as found in the John Deere transmissions and quality components throughout the only thing cheap about the Solis brand is the price.  

Confident in the quality of the Solis brand, all new tractors come with a three year warranty (T&C’s apply) and meet all current EU legislation including Tractor Mother Regulations and are eligible for road registration.

Solis Tractors in Stock with Iron & Earth Equipment Limited

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UK Best Sellers: Solis 20 & 26 Compact Tractor

These offer more power and savings than most other tractors in their HP range. Built with a 3 Cylinder Mitsubishi diesel engine the Solis tractor is renowned for being reliable, fuel efficient and versatile. Smart looking and agile, this small tractor can work with a complete range of attachments including, front loaders, rotary tillers and flail mowers.  It is road legal and available with agricultural, turf or industrial tyres making it ideal for maintaining small holdings, equine units, ground care, landscaping, golf courses, small farms and more. 

Solis S20 Compact Tractor

Model: S20

Price: From £6995 + VAT

Solis S26 Compact Tractor

Model: S26

Price: From £7995 + VAT

Solis H26 Compact Tractor

Model: H26

Price: From £9495 + VAT

Solis 50 & 75 Tractor

Solis 50 Compact Tractor

Model: 50

Price: From £9995 + VAT

Solis 75 Compact Tractor

Model: 75

Price: From £22,495 + VAT

Solis Tractor Attachments

In order to compliment the Solis compact tractor range Iron & Earth Equipment Limited are stockists and
distributors for a range of versatile attachments from Oxdale / Del Morino and Winton.

We hold a stock of the most popular attachments, however we have the real world experience to source the right
attachment for your job. 
Speak with Chris or any of the team to discuss your needs.

Iron and Earth Equipment Limited; your local friendly, knowledgeable one-stop shop.

Types of Mowers

The first attachment that many people consider.  Used for preparing rough land to be transformed to lush pasture or even well manicured lawns.

There are three basic types of mower:

Topper Mowers

Topper mowers -rotary topper mowers can tackle “topping “overgrown grass, weeds brambles and saplings in pasture and paddocks. This style of mower leaves longer cutting which settle between the runners and leave a rougher overall finish.

In stock

Flail Mowers

Flail mowers ideal for smallholding, sports fields or more formal lawns. Heavy hammer blades are well suited to cutting brambles and longer grass.

The sculpted blades are designed to leave a finer finish if used regularly on lawn areas.  

In stock

Finishing Mowers

Finishing mowers perfect for lawns, golf courses, campsites, schools, sports fields and other large areas of grassland.

Height adjustable running on wheels this style of mower will leave a smooth finish over uneven surfaces.  

Awaiting Stock

Del Morino

Model: Del Morino DMK Topper

Price: £895

Del Morino

Model: Del Morino fixed or Semi Offset Flail Mower

Price: £2000

Del Morino

Model: Del Morino Heavy Duty Flail Mower

Price: £2600

Tipping Trailer

Essential for moving a whole host of material around your plot.  Generally fitted with upgraded turf tyres to reduce tread marks and soil compaction this trailer has a capacity of 1500kg and will tip vertically.  With removable side and easy pin hitch.  Easy to use and essential to save on back breaking work lugging material around. 


Model: 1.5 Ton Tipping Trailer

Price: £1700

Log Splitter

Essential attachment for making the most of your natural resources.  Safely and easily split logs ready for drying and burning.

Suitable for both residential and commercial use.


Model: TM400 Big Base Log Splitter

Price: £660


Essential for maintaining lush and productive pasture. Do the job right and you will generate grass for most of the year  significantly reducing your feed bill.  


Model: 6ft Weeder Tines

Cost: £620

Paddock Roller

Not just about looking pretty with stripes.  A rolled paddock having been harrowed weeded and mowed will produce better quality growth. Water will dissipate from the surface without overly compacting the top layers of delicate soil structure.


Model: 6ft Paddock Roller

Price: £845

Power Harrow

Ideal for use by landscapers and small holders for the proper preparation of ground to be reseeded or turfed.  The power harrow is designed for less stoney ground and essentially aerates the earth.    The motion of the harrow enables soils to gain warmth quicker so that seeds take root in healthier conditions whilst also levelling the surface creating the perfect seed bed. 


Model: Power Harrow WPH130 1.3m

Price: £2245

We also stock a full range of used plant machinery here at Iron & Earth Equipment Ltd.

Click here to view our Used Plant Machinery range.

Iron and Earth Equipment Ltd are an established business with years of experience in supplying used construction, plant machinery locally, globally, to end users, to the trade and export.

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