EP EFL252 Electric Forklift (N9)

Affordable 2.5 tonne Electric Forklift

£21,777 + VAT
Vehicle Description
The EFL252 Li-Ion (Lithinum-Ion) fork truk is an exceptional tool that merges the benefits of both IC trucks and electric trucks. By exchanging the diesel engine with a 205AH li-ion battery, this series provides drivers with a spacious operator compartment, large wheels, a sturdy chassis, all at an affordable price. Moreover, the implementation of the Li-Ion battery and electric motors assists in minimizing carbon footprint, reducing running costs, and lowering energy expenses.


○ 4.8m Maximum Lifting Height
○ 80V 205AH Lihthium-Ion Battery
○ AC Drive Motor
○ 2290mm Turning Radius
○ 2500kg Lift Capacity
○ 3830kg Vehicle Weight
○ Integrated Machine Telematics
○ Integrated Reverse Horn
○ 5 Year Battery Warranty

Application of the EFL252 Li-Ion Fork Truck?

The EFL302 Li-Ion Fork Truck is ideal for various applications, whether indoors or outdoors, including challenging terrains and rainy conditions. Its large wheels and waterproof design ensure reliable performance, making it the perfect choice for the beverage, logistics, and construction industries.

What are Integrated Telematics?

Integrated telematics, in essence, empower us, as a dealer, to offer comprehensive machine management services tailored to your needs. Through this technology, we gain the ability to remotely access and monitor your machine, enabling us to provide a wide array of remote support functionalities. These include assessing the battery condition, implementing geofencing capabilities, generating detailed usage reports, and providing precise location reports.

Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) Battery

The EFL252 Li-Ion Fork Lift is driven by an innovative 80V 205AH Li-Ion battery, representing the latest in power technology. This advanced battery offers several benefits, one of which is its maintenance-free nature. Unlike traditional batteries or diesel trucks that necessitate regular maintenance and care, the Li-Ion battery simplifies the machine and eliminates the need for standard diesel maintenance procedures. This saves you valuable time, effort, and resources. Additionally, the Li-Ion battery technology ensures a dependable and consistent power supply, significantly enhancing the overall performance and productivity of the forklift.

Get Full Expensing on the EFL252 Li-Ion Fork Truck.

Full expensing is a 100% first-year allowance which allows companies to claim a deduction from taxable profits that is equal to 100% of their qualifying expenditure in the year that expenditure is incurred. Please see the government guidelines for more information.