Solis 26 HST CAB (N3)

£13,795 + VAT
Vehicle Description
Solis 26 HST Compact Tractor With Cab for UK Small Holding Owners

Discover the new Solis 26 HST (Hydrostatic) CAB tractor, designed specifically for small holding owners in the UK. This 4WD compact tractor offers the convenience of hydrostatic control with separate pedals for easy forward and backward movement. It's the perfect companion for various tasks around your small holding, equine yard, park, or even a golf course.

Pricing starts at just £13,795 + VAT, and it comes with a 5-year warranty (1 + 4 years). If you need extra capabilities, you can opt for the Front Loader at £3,995 + VAT.


○ Mitsubishi 26hp high torque 3-cylinder diesel engine.
○ Smooth hydrostatic transmission with straightforward forward and reverse controls.
○ Hi & Low range options for added versatility.
○ Cruise control feature to maintain a set speed for your convenience.
○ Selectable Four Wheel Drive & 2WD, along with a differential lock for enhanced traction.
○ Choose from a range of tires suitable for your specific needs.
○ Rear & Mid mount PTO. 540/1000 RPM
○ Cat 1 Rear linkage with a capacity of 600kg and adjustable drawbar.
○ 1 x double-acting hydraulic (2 spools).
○ Road legal in the UK
○ Adjustable deluxe suspension seat with Arm Rests headrest & seat belt.
○ High-vis projector headlights, rear plough light, and adjustable amber beacon.
○ Full size cab with two doors and opening rear window.


Take comfort in the fact that the Solis 26 Cabbed Compact tractor is accompanied by a comprehensive 5-year warranty (1 + 4 Years) to guarantee your peace of mind. The first year encompasses a Bumper to Bumper warranty, while the subsequent 4 years are covered under the engine and powertrain warranty, ensuring that major components remain protected for 5 years in the unlikely event of any failures

Finance & Part Exchange

Through our finance partners, we provide a variety of financing options for your new Solis 50 tractor.
We gladly consider part exchange or trade-in options for machinery. Simply let us know your requirements, and we'll be happy to assist you.


At Iron & Earth Equipment, we have a diverse selection of Solis 26 attachments available to perfectly complement your new Solis tractor. Whether you're in need of mowers, toppers, loaders, groundscare equipment, or groundworks tools, we have you covered. Explore our comprehensive range of attachments designed to enhance the performance of your Solis 26 Cabbed tractor.

About Solis

Solis tractors, the rapidly expanding compact tractor brand in Europe. With a staggering annual sales record of over 90,000 tractors, they have gained widespread recognition for their exceptional power, user-friendly design, and affordable prices. We understand that these qualities resonate with your requirements, so let's delve deeper into the remarkable selection of Solis tractors available for purchase. Our inventory offers a diverse range of Solis Compact tractors tailored to suit every budget and landscape. To explore the prices of our Solis tractors, kindly refer to the listings provided below.